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CAVAPRO – Next Generation Horsefeed

CAVAPRO – A forage based energy feed

The first energy feed developed specifically according to the horse’s digestive tract. This feed is used as a replacement for all complementary feed (oats, barley, mixes, cubes, balancers etc.). Forage remains the foundation for the horse’s diet.

Due to the maintained structure of raw fibre, it is evident that horses need three times as long for intake compared to common energy feed.

It takes horses three times as long to consume raw fibre compared to common energy feed, due to the maintained structure. They extension of the feeding time is beneficial for any horse

The combination of three (fat, sugar and protein) energy sources makes an optimum of efficacy and concentration possible. The adjusted mixture of all raw materials offers safety and a correct supply, as well as it makes it easy to measure out in terms of changing stable workers.

Why the brick shape?

Time of feed intake increased up to three times
  • Longer chewing =>  increased salivation
  • Neutralizes stomach acid
  • Feeding from the ground increases the saliva flow
  • Prevents feeding-related colic
Easy transport, storage and handling
  • Easy to transport and use during shows
  • Constant supply of the right amount of nutrients
  • Reduced storage at home and in the lorry
  • No need for soaking
  • Free from hay dust and mould

Why this composition?

Complete and easy supply of all relevant nutrients

Contains all natural energy sources (cellulose, fat, starch and sugar)

  • Controlled feeding of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and electrolytes
  • Low amount of sugar and starch
  • The maximum starch per meal is controlled – no starch overflow in the hindgut
  • Higher digestibility due to healthy microorganisms in the digestive tract
  • Simplifies stable management – everything in one box

Which horses benefit from CAVAPRO?

All horses can benefit from feeding CAVAPRO, however in particular it can be used for:
  • Bad Do-ers
  • „Too hot“ or nervous horses – sugar effect
  • Horses with sensitive stomachs
  • Horses suffering from faecal water syndrome
  • Horses sensitive to starch and sugar

Was über uns gesagt wird

„Wenn alle gleich schlecht füttern gibt es auch einen Gewinner“ – zum Thema warum immer noch sehr viel Getreide bei Leistungspferden gefüttert wird.

Dr. med. vet. Ingrid Vervuert Weltweit führende Wissenschaftlerin für Ernährung von Pferden
Max KühnerProfessioneller Springreiter

Colorado war nach schwerer Krankheit sehr abgemagert. Mit CAVAPRO hat er wieder toll zugenommen und auch das Problem Kotwasser haben wir nun im Griff.

Sina Koch-DargelHeilpraktikerin und Springreiterin
Ilka RörigShowgroom - Andreas Knippling Sporthorses